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Description of Course

  • A general degree qualification in Business Management from an international university will always be in demand as leadership, interpersonal skills, entrepreneurship and a global orientation are the differentiators in the age of Blockchain technology, digitization, automation and machine learning. Most of the jobs and business opportunities of the future can be related to the skills and competencies acquired by Business Management graduates.
  • Developing practical knowledge and skills with a futuristic outlook in a wide range of Business subjects in a world-class learning environment will enable you to develop the edge for a rewarding professional and/or entrepreneurial career. The BA (Hons) Business Management programme developed by Teesside University and offered at Gateway Graduate School as an internal qualification under franchise, provides you with the opportunity to focus on developing your business thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills such that you can apply them to both theoretical and simulated business cases as well as to real-time business settings. You will get to study subjects ranging from Business Finance to Enterprise and Strategy.


Entry Requirements

Candidates must meet one of the following requirements to gain admission for the first year of degree studies:

  • A minimum of two Advanced Level subjects (UK/Local) along with a minimum of grades C for the subjects of Mathematics and English at OLs/IGCSEs.
  • OR
  • The NCC Level 3 International Foundation Diploma in Higher Education Studies offered by Gateway Graduate School


Course Content

Modules Offered (Degree Year One)

1. Understanding Organisations

20 Credits

This module is designed to provide a basic introduction to some of the general principles of business management subjects; particularly in the context of structure, culture, leadership, organisational behaviour and the business environment.

2. Organisational Theory and Research

20 Credits

The purpose of this module is to introduce students to the competing perspectives that underpin organisational theory. This module provides an overview of the history of the development, how this has influenced the alternative realities that exist in the discipline, and the impact that these developments have had on business management.

3. Personal Development and Self Awareness

20 Credits

This module will help students develop their personal and professional effectiveness. Key skills developed will include: being aware of themselves and others and managing that awareness; communicating effectively through a variety of channels; reflection and reflective writing.

4. The Market Environment

20 Credits

This module introduces basic economic theories of markets and competition along with aspects of the wider business environment, including government policy and the macro-economy.

5. Business Finance

20 Credits

This module develops and equips learners with the financial knowledge and techniques required by all managers. It provides an understanding of the way in which accounting is used in the external evaluation of organisations.

6. Business Design and Development

20 Credits

This module will provide students with an understanding of the different types and sectors of businesses and the varying industries in which they operate.

Modules Offered (Degree Year Two)

1. International Business and Management

20 Credits

This module has been designed to give students an understanding of the main issues that affect international businesses in the global economy.

2. Agile Management

20 Credits

This module focuses on introducing students to the specifics of a) acquiring and managing talented people in order for organisations to be agile in the 21st Century and b) the concept and management of business agility.

3. Principles and Practices of Marketing

20 Credits

This module aims to extend existing knowledge and comprehension of marketing concepts and tools into the marketing management area with a view to the creation of a marketing appraisal.

4. Enterprise and Practice

20 Credits

Enterprise and Practice balances theory and practice enabling students to apply their learning directly to a real enterprise. Students work in small groups with a local business on a live consultancy brief in the Business Clinic.

5. Research Methods

20 Credits

This module will provide students with an understanding of the principles underpinning ethical and rigorous research methods.

6. Global Business Dynamics

20 Credits

This module expands on some approaches adopted by organizational theorists to position organizations as active dynamic structures.

Modules Offered (Degree Year Three)

1. Dissertation

40 Credits

Undergraduate Dissertation is a 40 credit module featuring across undergraduate programmes, which fulfils the need for each student to produce a substantive submission.

2. Strategic Management and Responsible Leadership

20 Credits

This module is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills in effective Strategic management and responsible leadership in the wider context of business and enterprise.

3. Current Issues In Business Ethics and CSR

20 Credits

This module is design to explain how companies of all sizes are increasingly aware of the new marketplace and seeing the growing importance of being (or at least appearing to be) seen embracing business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

4. Innovation In Action

20 Credits

This module is drawing on innovation management theories combined with Contemporary technology management and linking them up to changes in the organizational environment and organizational structures.

5. Contemporary Issues in Business Management

20 Credits

The purpose of this module is to develop an understanding of the challenges faced by organisations in a complex and dynamic environment and it explores the controversies and dilemmas of contemporary management thinking and practice.

Basic Info

  • : 3 YEARS
  • : N/A
  • : pending
  • : Full time
  • : Degree
  • : January / September
  • : English

Branch Info.

  • :Gateway Graduate School
  • : Head Branch
  • :No 01 , 36th Lane, (Opposite Devi Balika Vidyalaya), Colombo 08
  • :0772256356 , 0112695107


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