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Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute (LNBTI) is Japanese based technology university, located at the heart of Maharagama, the central hub of south-east Colombo. Our main aim is to offer high quality Japanese Information & Communication related Technologies and Japanese language to our students. In today’s ever competitive society, knowledge of another language will help you stand out from the crowd, as well as to expand your understanding and view of the world. Japan is a truly captivating country with the known quality. This course is designed to improve skills required to maintain that quality. When our students graduate, they will be able to utilize advanced ICT knowledge in practical industry fields. LNBTI graduates are also expected to create a new market combining advanced technologies, and to actively lead the industry.

LNBTI offers technical education as well as high level Japanese quality standards. After the graduation, students will make an active contribution to the Sri Lankan ICT industry by expanding ICT related contracts from Japan and also penetrating the Japanese market. We can expect an economic growth between both Sri Lanka and Japan when graduates from LNBTI enter the industry. LNBTI is highly concern about the future life quality of our graduates. Therefore we offer job opportunities in Japan for majority of our graduates, and at the same time other competed students will have the chance to continue their post graduate studies in a Japanese university. The rest of the students will be able to work in Japanese influenced ICT companies.


LNBTI Location

LNBTI Location

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No: 278,
High Level Road,Maharagama
Tel : 077 33 60000 / 011 3020 103
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